In the spirit of epic sequels, we are pleased to announce the follow-on Webcast to the highly successful Zen and The Art Of An Internal Penetration Testing Program.
This webcast is the second part of a series presented by Paul Asadoorian in collaboration with Core Security Technologies. The presentation will be full of tips and tricks for tying vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and reporting into an efficient, repeatable testing process.
Whether you are a third-party performing penetration tests or want to test your internal network and systems, this webcast is for you! In Part II we will cover the following topics:

  • Using Nessus, and running nessuscmd to automate vulnerability scanning
  • Exploiting systems without exploits, and integrating this process into your internal testing program
  • Post-exploitation, and where it fits in internal testing
  • Importing Nessus results into CORE IMPACT
  • Post-Exploitation scripting in popular frameworks (Metasploit & Core IMPACT)
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