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Scripting Nmap with NmapParse 1.0.5

Nmap is an extremely powerful tool for portscanning. However, its primary job is not to make the output look pretty, which is why it will output to XML where you can use a neat little perl library called NmapParse. New features will even allow you to call nmap from within your perl script.
The Problem
So lets say that you want to scan an entire subnet and look for web servers in preparation for putting it behind a firewall. You could just run nmap and look for open ports 80 and 443. It would be difficult to distinguish public web servers, printers, and any other device that runs a web server. For this you need to use the Nmap option “-sV” to grab the banner. You then want to have some grepable output to produce some sort of report for the local admin or for your own purpose (like a penetration test). The Nmap command to do this would be:

nmap -sV -oG report.out -p 80,443

The results are pretty ugly as most of us have recognized. The fields are separated by “/” and the number of fields tends to vary making it difficult to parse reliably.

Host: ( Ports: 80/open/tcp//http?///, 443/closed/tcp//https///
Host: ( Ports: 80/open/tcp//http//Microsoft IIS webserver 5.0/, 443/closed/tcp//https///
Host: ( Ports: 80/open/tcp//http//Apache httpd 1.3.33 ((Darwin) mod_jk|1.2.2)/, 443/filtered/tcp//https///
Host: ( Ports: 80/open/tcp//http?///, 443/filtered/tcp//https///
Host: ( Ports: 80/open/tcp//http//Apache httpd 1.3.28 ((Unix))/, 443/closed/tcp//https///

Using NmapParse
You can download NmapParse from their web site at The most recent versions are much improved, and even include functions to run nmap from within your perl script. This makes it easy to run a scan and parse the results, now we don’t have to save out an xml file to parse, making for a much cleaner solution. My script, as ugly as it is, seems to work pretty good:

# ./ -i – ( [email protected] )
Hostname :
Address :
Service : 80 (http) HP Jetdirect httpd
Hostname :
Address :
Service : 80 (http-mgmt) HP LaserJet Embedded webserver: Agranat-EmWeb 5.2.6
Hostname :
Address :
Service : 80 (http) HP JetDirect printer webadmin HP-ChaiServer 3.0
Hostname :
Address :
Service : 80 (http) AXIS 1440 print server http config
Hostname :
Address :
Service : 80 (http) Apache httpd 1.3.22 (Unix) mod_perl/1.25

It was pretty easy to code up and make it look pretty. There is a lot more that could be added here, and NmapParse makes it pretty easy to do so. If you modify it, or create your own script please share it with the rest of us!
Download the full script here
Happy Nmaping!

Paul Asadoorian

Paul Asadoorian is currently the Principal Security Evangelist for Eclypsium, focused on firmware and supply chain security awareness. Paul’s passion for firmware security extends back many years to the WRT54G hacking days and reverse engineering firmware on IoT devices for fun. Paul and his long-time podcast co-host Larry Pesce co-authored the book “WRTG54G Ultimate Hacking” in 2007, which fueled the firmware hacking fire even more.

Paul has worked in technology and information security for over 20 years, holding various security and engineering roles in a lottery company, university, ISP, independent penetration tester, and security product companies such as Tenable.
In 2005 Paul founded Security Weekly, a weekly podcast dedicated to hacking and information security. Paul grew Security Weekly into a network of security podcasts spanning multiple topics, such as application security and business. It has been estimated that Paul has conducted over 1,000 interviews with security professionals and hosted more than 1,000 podcast episodes in cybersecurity. In 2020 Security Weekly was acquired by the Cyberrisk Alliance.

Paul is still the host of one of the longest-running security podcasts, Paul’s Security Weekly, he enjoys coding in Python, telling everyone he uses Linux as his daily driver, poking at the supply chain, and reading about UEFI and other firmware-related technical topics.

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