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Winnti trojan may help set stage for Skeleton Key attacks, analysts say

Google to replace Titan security keys due to a misconfiguration


Google is replacing its Titan Security Bluetooth keys due to a vulnerability which could allow attackers within range unauthorized access to use someone else’s key. The issue specifically affects Titans Security Keys’ BLE version that can be identified by either a T1 or T2 stamped on the back of the key. A misconfiguration in the…

Zeus-in-the-mobile variant uses security firm's name to gain victims' trust

Massive SIM swap fraud leaves traditional 2FA users at risk


As two-factor authentication becomes more popular, threat actors have proven once again how this security feature can be exploited if not implemented properly. Kaspersky researchers uncovered large-scale SIM swap fraud operations targeting users in both the Portugese-speaking nations of Brazil and Mozambique were able to use social engineering, bribery,  and simple phishing attacks to ultimately…

85 adware apps pose as game, TV, and remote control simulator apps in Google Play


Across the globe, adware disguised as 85 game, TV, and remote control simulator apps in the Google Play store have been downloaded nine million times. Trend Micro researchers spotted the adware which has the ability to display full-screen sized ads, hide itself, monitor a device’s screen unlocking functionality and run in the device’s background, according…

Android Apps claim to mine unminable cryptocurrency, just show ads


Android apps claiming to mine unminable cryptocurrencies have made their way into the Google Play store in an attempt to serve ads. Fortinet researchers discovered the malicious apps when they noticed apps claiming to mine currencies including Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA) and Tether(USDT) all of which aren’t obtained by cryptomining. Similar apps have been reported…

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