IT professionals are already used to the idea of migrating data, said Frederick Lee, chief security officer at Gusto. But unlike being able to do things like clone a hard drive in a physical data center, they don’t have the same abilities when migrating to the cloud.

One of the big issues with migrating to the cloud is data integrity — ensuring that no one eavesdropped on the data or that it has the same security controls that were in the data center. And while cloud does enable IT professionals to automate things such as asset discovery and inventory, said Lee during a SC Media eSummit, it’s harder to keep track what others are doing within a cloud environment.

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“Unless you're paying attention to what's actually going on in the environment, it's easy for those things to kind of slip through the cracks,” Lee said. “It’s actually a really, really tractable problem — it just requires the security team and IT team to be aware and plan for that.”