Virtual Conference

Ransomware attackers vs. defenders: The never-ending game of one-upmanship

On-Demand Event

Earn up to 6.5 CPE credits by attending this virtual event.

Whatever ransomware groups can do to ratchet up the pressure even more on their victims, they’ll do it. That might mean contacting individuals directly about their breached data, making stolen data searchable on their extortion websites, or adding a data wiping or DDoS component to their attacks.

Meanwhile, defenders try to brace themselves for such scenarios by investing in incident response, business continuity and data recovery services. Until their adversaries throw in yet another unexpected wrinkle designed to catch affected businesses off-guard and complicate matters.

This eSummit will reveal the latest developments in this ongoing game of cat and mouse, which too often seems to be favoring the attackers. Lessons include:

* The latest exclusive research on ransomware from the CyberRisk Alliance

* Predictions on what ransomware extortionists may try next, based on current trends and headlines

* Recent gains against the ransomware scourge and where infosec pros and law enforcement continue to fall short

* Preventing your employees from abetting ransomware actors – knowingly or not