Virtual Conference

Vulnerability management: Finding and fixing fatal flaws

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Patch Tuesday? More like Patch Every Day. There’s always something in your network environment that needs fixing, whether it’s an actively exploited zero-day bug that was just identified in a critical advisory or a longstanding vulnerability that you’ve been meaning to get around to eventually. Unfortunately, even the less dangerous flaws can eventually grow harmful if left to fester long enough. Every decision has consequences – so how do you avoid the fatal mistake? It’s all about identifying and cataloguing precisely what vulnerable assets you have, and then understanding what needs immediate attention and what can wait. And if it can wait, for how long? This virtual event will seek answers to the burning questions commonly posed by organizations that are trying to get a fix on their vulnerability management programs. Potential topics include: 
•    Results from CyberRisk Alliance’s exclusive Vulnerability Management research 
•    Which vulnerabilities should be at the top of your list to patch right now 
•    Ensuring that asset visibility and vulnerability scanning extends across your entire enterprise 
•    Enterprise VM vs application VM – leveraging the best of both processes 
•    Mitigations/workarounds vs. micropatching vs. full remediation: a comparison of strategies with pros and cons