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With new cybersecurity companies, products and categories of products emerging monthly, it’s increasingly difficult for businesses and organizations to identify and evaluate their technology options — and for software and service providers to present themselves against the right criteria and in the optimal context.

The mission of Security Weekly Labs is to close this gap. Developed by and for security practitioners and professionals, Security Weekly Labs aims to guide organizations through the product landscape and help them find products that address active problems, narrow selection and confidently make choices. An independent resource — operated by the cybersecurity professionals at Security Weekly and built on the foundation of SC Media’s SC Labs — Security Weekly Labs is a clearinghouse for useful and relevant product and service information that enables vendor and buyer to meet on common ground.

At the heart of Security Weekly Labs are expertly defined product categorization and product validation methodologies. This framework supports a rich and purposefully organized directory of products and services, a robust calendar of detailed category and product assessments, and a provocative feed of cyber-tech commentary.

Laser-focused on the needs of the cybersecurity community, Security Weekly Labs is committed to being the essential go-to resource covering the technology product landscape.


Adrian Sanabria
Senior Research Engineer
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