MasterCard on Wednesday rolled out Identity Check Mobile, a new app that allows cardholders to pay for online purchases using biometrics to authenticate their identity.

The technology, which enables a user to verify their identity via a fingerprint or facial recognition, is debuting in 12 markets in Europe. Further rollout across the globe will be initiated in phases in 2017, although no specific dates were announced.

The app eliminates the need for cardholders to remember passwords or PIN codes, both streamlining the purchase process and enhancing security, the brand claimed. Consumers can use the fingerprint scanner on their smartphone or verify by taking a selfie using facial recognition technology.

“This is a significant milestone in the evolution of payments,” said Ajay Bhalla, president of Enterprise Risk & Security, MasterCard. "Shopping in person has been revolutionized thanks to advances like contactless cards, mobile payments and wearables, and now we are making Identity Check Mobile a reality for online shopping in Europe, and soon, the world.”