Capital One Ventures announced a $24 million investment in security startup Securonix in a bid to capitalize on the company’s newly developed, cloud-based security information and event management platform, VentureBeat reports. The move comes as more enterprises transition into the cloud, creating the need for cloud-native threat analysis architectures that employ human researchers enhanced by machine learning and artificial intelligence. “Cloud-native and scalable architectures are the direction where this market is going to go, and Securonix is built cloud-native from the ground up,” said Capital One Ventures Partner Jay Emmanuel. According to Securonix CEO Sachin Nayyar, the company is in the middle of strengthening its AI and machine learning capabilities to allow automation of more of its vulnerability and attack monitoring activities, which are currently performed by 450 security analysts using the company’s array of SaaS-based security analytics tools. “There’s going to be a significant amount of machine assistance to the human operators in threat detection and incident response activity,” Nayyar said, predicting that AI and machine learning-driven cybersecurity lies ahead for the industry.