The new Cloud Hunter solution by cloud security firm Lacework, which aims to deliver advanced environmental analysis and enhanced incident response time for enterprise security teams, has been launched, SiliconANGLE reports. The tool is an open-source solution that uses the Lacework Query Language, allowing for dynamically created LQL queries to help with hunting threats across the Lacework platform and for testing the efficacy of existing cloud security measures. Users will be able to perform ongoing monitoring using custom queries and achieve faster incident response and investigation times thanks to automated analysis of data concurrent with Cloud Hunters data extraction process. As our research shows an increasingly more sophisticated attack landscape, this tool provides a more detailed analysis of an organizations unique environment based on the new techniques being leveraged by attackers, said threat researcher Director James Condon, who refers to a recent Lacework Labs Cloud Threat Report that revealed an increasingly sophisticated attacker landscape as more threat actors target core networking and virtualization software.