Cloud services firm Expedient announced its release of the new Expedient Security CTRL Suite, a platform the company says was designed to provide unified security management and visibility capabilities to organizations that employ on-premises and multi-cloud environments, according to CRN. Rob McCafferty, Expedient’s vice president of pre-sales and engineering, said the solution was created in response to a perceived need to provide ongoing workload management capabilities to clients that are undergoing workload transition to Expedient. “[E]ven after we tell them where to go and which cloud to choose, we still have to make sure that we‘re providing a security infrastructure across all of those environments to make sure that the cloud is just as safe, if not safer, than with their current workloads if they’re running on-prem or anywhere else,” McCafferty said. Expedient Security CTRL’s features include a multi-cloud firewall and cross-cloud networking that employs VMware‘s NSXT technology, according to McCafferty. The company has also bolstered the product’s multi-cloud environment security capabilities with identity management and a managed SIEM that enables correlation of data from multiple sources.