Imperva, a cybersecurity cloud firm, released its Sonar Platform in an effort to help companies manage attacks by accelerating incident responses and automating workflows, according to this article in VentureBeat. The Imperva Sonar platform, which employs machine learning and provides single-action resolution capabilities, supports domain name system and distributed denial-of-service protection, and uses cache management and load-balancing for a faster website operation and information access. The firm’s research lab found a 93% increase in data leakage attacks in 2020. “At the data side, it’s very much about activity because the number of accesses to your databases that are more and more distributed in a very hybrid way on-premise in the cloud, multi-cloud, having one central place to really get that pattern recognition is key,” said Matt Hathaway, Imperva’s vice president for product marketing. The Sonar platform’s beta version is already available to select enterprise users, and its launch coincides with the increasing number of enterprise security threats, such as the SolarWinds attack.