CyberScoop reports that former National Security Agency employees Ryan Adams, Marc Baier, and Daniel Gericke have been prohibited by the U.S. State Department from taking part in International Traffic in Arms Regulations activities after being involved with the United Arab Emirates' vast surveillance operation on U.S. companies, as well as politicians, journalists, and dissidents in the UAE. The decision resolves charges filed against the ex-NSA employees, who have been accused of providing unauthorized "defense services involving electronic systems, equipment, and software that were specially designed for intelligence purposes," for UAE's surveillance operation. However, Hinckley Allen Cybersecurity Partner B. Stephanie Siegmann noted that the State Department's actions have been inadequate. "Their conduct severely jeopardized national security and that is why Im surprised DOJ didnt seek a more stringent punishment. They likely advanced the UAEs offensive cyber operations and that is a serious national security concern," said Siegmann, who was a federal national security prosecutor for nearly two decades.