SiliconANGLE reports that the CrowdStrike Falcon security platform has received upgrades to enhance its protection capabilities for extended Internet-of-Things assets through the addition of new endpoint detection and response and extended detection and response features. According to CrowdStrike, the continuing convergence of information technology and operational technology has made securing critical infrastructure systems a high priority. XIoT currently comprises cyber-physical devices with Internet connections, and which are in use in the commercial, industrial and health care sectors, among others. Through CrowdStrike Falcon Insight for IoT, users gain access to XIoT threat detection that uses XIoT context, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and integrated threat intelligence to detect ransomware and malicious file modifications. The offering also features granular threat prevention policy that can be used to stop threats at the source or providing threat mitigation with a controlled effect on uptime and system burden. Finally, the service offers integrated response actions including host/process containment and USB device control and is integrated with CrowdXDR Alliance partners and XIoT partners.