A year after the FBI put the kibosh on Silk Road last fall, Agora has emerged as the leader of the online black market, according to the findings in a report from the Digital Citizen's Alliance.

Investigators at the alliance found the Darknet market features more than 16,000 items, edging out Silk Road 2.0, launched earlier this year, for the top stop in the online contraband trade. 

The report asserts that Silk Road 2.0 listings have been hurt by “serious and frequent DDoS attacks” and that Agora has benefited not only from that but also from a hack that cost the Pandora Openmarket a substantial amount of bitcoin.

Agora and Evolution Marketplace have enjoyed tremendous growth with Agora “primed to overtake Silk Road 2.0 as the largest Darknet Marketplace based on total number of drugs listed,” the report said.