Threat actors could leverage five security flaws in Netgear's Nighthawk RAX30 SOHO routers as part of an exploit chain that could help facilitate internet activity monitoring, internet connection hijacking, and malware injection activities, SecurityWeek reports. Three high-severity bugs were part of the exploit chain, which included CVE-2023-27357, CVE-2023-27367, CVE-2023-27368, CVE-2023-27369, and CVE-2023-27370, all of which have been addressed as part of an update last month, according to Claroty researchers, who have received a $2,500 reward at Pwn2Own for the discovery of the exploit chain. "An attacker could also use these vulnerabilities to access and control networked smart devices (security cameras, thermostats, smart locks), change router settings including credentials or DNS settings, or use a compromised network to launch attacks against other devices or networks," said Claroty. However, Netgear noted that such an attack chain could only be leveraged for successful attacks by threat actors with access to targets' Wi-Fi passwords or Ethernet connections.