The multi-cloud capabilities of Tripwire Configuration Manager have been expanded, allowing organizations to more easily manage security across Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, reports Help Net Security. Tripwire’s software as a service application helps simplify the remediation, monitoring and automation of cloud configurations for multi-cloud businesses through a single console. “As companies continue to expand operations into the cloud, they are left open to significant security, privacy, and regulatory threats, often caused by misconfigurations,” said Tim Erlin, Tripwire’s vice president of product management and strategy. The Tripwire Configuration Manager enforces security policies that help ensure cloud accounts are in a known and trusted state, reducing the chances of data breaches and security incidents caused by misconfigurations. The software-as-a-service application will provide users with multi-cloud support for cloud configurations; a “Quick start” feature; enhanced data privacy management; immediate evaluation of cloud account configurations; and prioritization of configurations that are not compliant, among others.