Twenty-five percent of operational technology organizations in the U.S., and other parts of the world have evaded data breaches this year, compared with only 6% in 2022, mostly due to the 17% decline in insider breaches from 2022 to 2023, reports SecurityWeek. Even though attacks impacting both IT and OT systems have risen from 21% to 32% between 2022 and 2023, OT environment-only intrusions decreased from 40% to 17% over the same period, a Fortinet report showed. More chief information security officers have also been observed to be responsible for OT security this year, while the reduction of organizations expressing high confidence in their OT security posture suggests more realistic OT cybersecurity evaluations. "The data also shows that OT security professionals are coming from the ranks of the IT team rather than those with product management work experience. As a result, and as the survey data indicates, the C-suite and traditional security leaders, especially the CISO/CSO, are becoming more involved and invested in cybersecurity decision-making," said Fortinet.