New distributed denial-of-service attacks have been launched by the Dark Frost botnet against the gaming industry, including gaming companies and game server hosting providers, as well as streamers and other members of the gaming community, The Hacker News reports. More than 400 machines with various instruction set architectures have been part of the Dark Frost botnet by February, with the botnet's latest version observed to have Mirai, QBot, and Gafgyt malware source code, according to an Akamai report. Reverse-engineering the botnet revealed its capability to launch UDP flood attacks at nearly 629.28 Gbps. Attackers behind Dark Frost were noted to have created a Discord channel, likely in preparation for DDoS-for-hire services. "The reach that these threat actors can have is staggering despite the lack of novelty in their techniques. Although not the most advanced or mind-bending adversary, the Dark Frost botnet has still managed to accumulate hundreds of compromised devices to do its bidding," wrote Akamai researcher Allen West.