Combating the mounting global threat of ransomware threats should prompt greater government cooperation but cybersecurity experts noted the need for partnerships stronger than agreements to address ransomware, TechCrunch reports. Governments around the world should increase human intelligence gathering efforts, according to SentinelOne Chief Security Advisor Morgan Wright. "We need more penetration of state actors and criminal organizations. Too often, ransomware is viewed as a technical issue. It's not. It's human greed that uses technology to achieve an end goal," Wright added. Meanwhile, former CISA Assistant Director Bob Kolasky and F5 Labs Director David Warburton urged further global pressure on tackling blocking and regulating cryptocurrencies, which are commonly leveraged by ransomware actors. Novel attack vectors leveraged by threat actors ensure the persistent nature of ransomware, said Wright. "There are governments that are working to provide more support and resources. But it will never be enough. Bad actors will always have the advantage, but we should make them pay in a significant way every time an attack is launched," Wright added.