SiliconANGLE reports that startup Graphiant Inc. has emerged from stealth mode as it introduced the Graphiant Network Edge platform. The company says its solution eases the process of creating a network infrastructure for an organizations offices, data centers and cloud environments; simply linking their systems to the platform hands over data traffic management responsibilities to their technology, eliminating the need to create a custom network. Connecting business resources, hybrid cloud, edge networks and remote workers, is time-consuming, error-prone and full of security challenges, said Graphiant founder and CEO Khalid Raza. We've delivered a solution that removes this complexity. It takes only a few minutes to connect a system to the Network Edge, and data traffic undergoes encryption before being sent and remains encrypted until it arrives at its destination. Graphiant also provides a service to organizations that deal with sensitive information: the option to prevent data traffic from exiting their jurisdictions of origin. Graphiant provides a cloud-based console from which administrators can manage their deployments on Network Edge, while a component called Graphiant Edge is responsible for connecting systems to the platform.