Passwordless technology is either being deployed or planning to be implemented by 49% of IT leaders across the U.S., with 41% noting the benefits of such technology in bolstering identity security, HealthITSecurity reports. However, the lack of passwordless technology in nearly half of apps, as well as the reluctance of end users to use the technology have been hampering adoption, according to Bitwarden's Password Decisions Survey conducted by Propeller Insights. While password manager utilization has slightly dropped, such a tool is still being leveraged by 66% of IT leaders for sharing passwords, although less secure approaches including email, shared online documents, and chat apps, as well as verbal and written messages have also been used. The survey also showed the growing adoption of two-factor authentication, which increased by 4 percentage points to 92% in 2023. However, shadow IT usage has been reported by 32% of IT decision-makers, with efficiency being the most cited reason behind its utilization.