TechRepublic reports the prevalence of poor password practices among business executives.NordPass examined passwords leveraged in over 290 million data breaches worldwide and found that "123456" appeared more than a million times, making it the most commonly used password used by CEOs, C-suite executives, business owners, and managers. Four different C-suite roles mostly leveraged "password," according to the study. Also included in the list of most prevalently used passwords were "12345," "123456789," "qwerty," "1234," "Password," "qwerty123," "1q2w3e," "111111," "abc123" and "123123."Moreover, executives, business owners, and managers have also used people's names as passwords, with "tiffany" and "charlie" being the most popular, followed by "michelle," "ashley," and "jennifer." Prevalent use of weak passwords has prompted NordPass to recommend the implementation of password managers that could easily generate strong passwords, cybersecurity training for all their employees, and multi-factor authentication to avert potential exploitation of stolen or leaked credentials to compromise accounts.