Researchers at a security conference, called Hacks in Taiwan (HITCON), have revealed that saboteurs targeted a gaming platform provider to compromise official releases of popular online games.

Installers for the games League of Legends and Path of Exile were compromised, according to Trend Micro, which worked with HITCON to offer a malware clean-up tool for the issue. Users in Asia, primarily located in Taiwan, who installed the games through provider Garena were infected with the remote access trojan PlugX.

Responding to the incident, Garena said that its computers and patch servers were infected with trojans, causing all of its installation files for League of Legends and Path of Exile to be impacted. Trend Micro noted that only Taiwanese versions of the installers appeared to have been compromised, and that, as of Dec. 29, installers on Garena's site “and other associated links” were clean.