Microsoft announced plans on Wednesday to expand its bug bounty program to include Project Spartan, the company's new browser, and Azure, the company's cloud platform.

Its Online Service Bug Bounty Program's maximum reward is also being upped to $15,000 for critical bugs, according to a blog post. The Project Spartan bounty, which includes remote code execution and sandbox escapes, runs until June 22.

“Microsoft's new browser will be the onramp to the internet for millions of users when Windows 10 launches later this year,” the company wrote. “Securing this platform is a top priority for the browser team.”

The Mitigation Bypass bounty and the Bonus Bounty for Defense are both now paying up to $100,000 for “novel methods to bypass active mitigations” in the latest Windows Operating System.

The company also added Hyper-V escape to its mitigation bypass bounty.