The U.S. Department of Defense would be required to establish a dedicated cyber intelligence center in the version of the fiscal 2024 National Defense Authorization Act approved by the Senate Armed Services Committee late last month, reports DefenseScoop. Such a center, which would have to support the needs of the Cyber Command and other military departments, could be created within the Defense Intelligence Agency, according to the legislation. Establishing a military cyber intelligence center has been prioritized by Congress upon the realization that none of the intelligence-focused agencies have been tackling nation-state cybersecurity threats from a military standpoint, noted a defense official. "It became evident during the Russia invasion into Ukraine that the traditional intel rolls within the DIA could not handle the volume of work needed to support this combatant command. DIA could fill the role but they require restructuring their HR system to provide experts in the technical arena. Some they have but they're not near enough," the official said.