BleepingComputer reports that threat actors have been using the new BloodyStealer trojan malware to exfiltrate accounts in various gaming platforms, including EA Origin, Epic Games Store and Steam.

BloodyStealer, which was identified in March, features cookie, password, bank card and application session collection and exfiltration capabilities, according to Kaspersky.

"While BloodyStealer is not made exclusively for stealing game-related information, the platforms it can target clearly point to the demand for this type of data among cybercriminals. Logs, accounts and in-game goods are some of the game-related products sold on the darknet in bulk or individually for an attractive price," Kaspersky said.

Users in Latin America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific have already been targeted by the trojan.

"BloodyStealer is a prime example of an advanced tool used by cybercriminals to penetrate the gaming market. With its efficient anti-detection techniques and attractive pricing, it is sure to be seen in combination with other malware families soon," said researchers.