Security Boulevard reports that Oracle has unveiled several updates to improve security on its cloud platform, including a new managed firewall service based on Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall. Oracle also launched the Oracle Cloud Guard Threat Detector, which detects potential malicious activities, insecure activity and misconfigured resources. In addition, the company has introduced a new threat intelligence service for improved cybsecurity threat analysis and tools to help users monitor the security posture of applications that were developed through the Oracle Fusion platform. Finally, Oracle announced an update to Oracle Security Zones adding support for security posture monitoring using Oracle Cloud Guard and the ability to create custom policy sets. The latest additions represent Oracles efforts to give enterprises additional safeguards through cloud services for developers as they provision cloud infrastructure and help minimize the risk of developers committing security mistakes, according to Mahesh Thiagarajan, Oracle Cloud Infrastructures senior vice president for security and developer services.