More than 1.2 million ransomware threats per month have been detected by Barracuda Networks between January to June 2022, which was higher than the same period in 2021, with ransomware attack volumes increasing in January before declining in May, TechRepublic reports. Most of the ransomware attacks during the first six months of the year were targeted at the education sector, followed by healthcare, municipalities, critical infrastructure, and finance, according to Barracuda. Educational organizations experienced a more than twofold increase in cyberattacks during the past year, compared with a threefold increase in attacks against healthcare and financial entities. However, attacks aimed at critical infrastructure rose by four times during the same period. The report also detailed separate attacks by the BlackMatter, Karakurt, and LockBit ransomware groups during the past 12 months. Moreover, organizations have been urged to disable macros, remove unauthorized apps, conduct credential and backup access control reviews, and strengthen web app and API protection services, to avert ransomware attacks.