In a move intended to patch software bugs quicker and satisfy its developer base, Apple has made a deliberate effort to reduce the time it takes to review submissions to its App Store, Bloomberg reported yesterday.

The report cited data from, which shows that average iOS app approval time dropped from 8.8 days a year ago to just 1.95 days three days ago. Yesterday, that number fell again to 1.62 days.

As recently as March 14, the average approval time was 4.71 days.

Bloomberg noted in its report that Apple has recently placed greater emphasis on generating review from its services operations, including its App and iTunes Stores, especially as sales of iPhones have slowed.

In a recent interview with, Appthority President and Co-founder Domingo Guerra said that Apple was not doing a good enough job vetting previously approved apps, and as a result hundreds of previously approved and renewed apps were being infected. It remains to be seen if Apple's quicker app turnaround times will open the company up to similar criticisms within the mobile industry.