VentureBeat reports that 45% of cybersecurity professionals have been mulling to exit the industry, while 46% said they knew one or more people who left the industry due to stress during the past 12 months. Most cybersecurity professionals cited persistent ransomware threats and expectations to be always available as the primary reasons for stress, according to a Deep Instinct report. Moreover, cyber professionals often take the fall for issues involving ransomware remediation, negotiation, and restoration efforts. "In a culture of the blame game, the pressure of failure weighs heavily on security analysts. Visibility across the entire IT landscape is a challenge, leaving them blind to many issues. They are working over hours, sometimes 16-18 hours a day, to keep the organization secure and the responsibility to catch a misconfiguration or mistake by an employee clicking on a malicious link falls back on them," said Deep Instinct Director of Product Solutions Karen Crowley.