A survey of 762 American adults highlighted employee habits on corporate devices, comparing data security risks introduced by millennials and baby boomers.

The report, published Wednesday by Absolute Software, found that 64 percent of millennials used work devices for personal use, compared to 37 percent of baby boomers who did the same. Participants shared their responses via an online survey in January and were all members of Springboard America Forum.

The survey also found that 25 percent of millennials believed they had compromised IT security through their mobile habits, as opposed to 5 percent of baby boomers. Furthermore, 27 percent of millennials said they accessed “NSFW” (Not Safe for Work) content on their devices, compared to 5 percent of baby boomers.

Among all respondents (some using multiple work devices), 91 percent said they used laptop PCs, while 47 percent said iPads and 52 percent iPhones.