StateScoop reports that Arizona has selected Tanium as its endpoint management software provider aimed at fulfilling its "whole-of-state" cybersecurity approach. Tanium has touted that more than 326,000 vulnerabilities have been patched by the state using its software in less than 72 hours, while Arizona Department of Homeland Security Director and Chief Information Security Officer Tim Roemer noted that the new endpoint management software would help bolster threat visibility on its networks. "In cybersecurity, we're expected to hold off the Russian military, as well as the Chinese, the North Koreans, the Iranians, you name it. After all, cybersecurity is homeland security, and I cant protect 7.5 million Arizonans data from an attacker I don't know about," Roemer added. Whole-of-state cyber programs have been increasingly adopted across the U.S., with former North Carolina Chief Risk Officer Maria Thompson touting such programs' benefits on threat visibility. "By crowdsourcing and knowledge-sharing, already-strained security practitioners within a whole-of-state cybersecurity community, state agencies, local organizations, and schools can alleviate some of the personnel limitations that weaken their security posture," said Thompson.