TikTok has detailed steps on how it will address the perceived national safety risk of its app in the U.S. with its Project Texas proposal, CyberScoop reports. U.S. tech giant Oracle would be privy to TikTok's core technology segments in order to help operate a walled-off U.S. app, while third-party auditors would be sought to verify the app's assurances of not sharing its U.S. customer data with China or promoting China-aligned content under the proposal, according to a TikTok official. "Project Texas effort clearly reflects a serious effort to address U.S. government concerns and has been informed by years of negotiation. My key takeaway is that you dont have to trust TikTok or the Chinese government, because at least from what I can understand of the contours of this plan is that the U.S. government would have the ultimate oversight and monitoring of compliance with whatever they agree to," said Yale Law School Paul Tsai China Center Senior Fellow Samm Sacks.