Andres Riancho

Andres Riancho

Wildlife Studios
Head of Security and Privacy

Andrés Riancho is an application and cloud security expert that currently leads the Security and Privacy team at Wildlife Studios.

In the past he delivered high-quality services to companies around the world and lead various open source projects related with security, most notably w3af and nimbostratus.

In the research field, he discovered critical vulnerabilities in IPS appliances from 3com and ISS, contributed with SAP research performed at one of his former employers and reported vulnerabilities in hundreds of web applications.

His main focus for many years was web application security, but in the last years he took interest in AWS cloud security.

Andrés has spoken and hold trainings at many security conferences around the globe, like PHDays (Moscow), SecTor (Toronto), OWASP (Poland), CONFidence (Poland), OWASP World C0n (USA), CanSecWest (Canada), T2 (Finland) and ekoparty (Buenos Aires).