Dheeraj Gurugubelli

Dheeraj Gurugubelli

Senior Director, Cybersecurity

Dheeraj Gurugubelli is a seasoned information security executive and Senior Director at EY-Parthenon’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy practice. As a trusted board and C-suite advisor, he guides private equity firms and corporations on cybersecurity strategy, risk management, and security program transformation. Dheeraj specializes in risk management, security operations, and incident response.

Dheeraj has led cyber due diligence in over 250 global M&A deals, representing more than $180 billion in combined equity value. He has transformed cybersecurity programs for very large private equity funds and their portfolio companies. He helps address unique cybersecurity challenges faced by PE’s across the investment lifecycle, from acquisitions to exits.

As a thought leader, Dheeraj has guest lectured at Harvard on cybersecurity in M&A valuations. He has served as a security scholar at Purdue University, published security research, and been cited by media and organizations like NATO. He also mentors upcoming cybersecurity professionals at Cyversity.

Dheeraj is passionate about enabling and empowering disruptive businesses to achieve their vision and growth potential, while protecting their business, assets and customers from cyber threats.