Busting Bots: How to Go Beyond Traditional CAPTCHA With Machine Learning

On-Demand Webcast|1 Hour

Bots are pesky, ill-natured, and often spiteful programs. Their capabilities constantly evolve in order to elude online defenses and take over consumer accounts. Advanced bot operations use malicious plug-ins, bot farms, and artificial intelligence to bypass and solve traditional CAPTCHA mechanisms. Ironically, traditional CAPTCHAs are often more of a deterrent for actual human users, who find them aggravating and invasive.

For e-commerce companies and website operators, a more dynamic and effective anti-fraud approach is overdue. This means introducing a more secure, user friendly, and privacy-compliant CAPTCHA mechanism that leverages machine learning (ML) to determine at each request if an entity is behaving as a genuine user or a suspicious bot.

Join this webinar to learn...

  • How malicious bots are evolving and the impact on the efficacy of traditional CAPTCHAs.
  • How machine learning can assist CAPTCHA in weeding out bots based on signature detection, traffic patterns, IP address analysis, and online session behavior.
  • How to make CAPTCHA mechanisms user friendly and discouraging for cybercriminals.
  • Why CAPTCHA must constantly evolve to keep up with new threats.



Antoine Vastel

Head of Research


Antoine Vastel is Head of Research at DataDome, overseeing the SOC and threat research team. In this role, he focuses on improving DataDome’s real-time bot detection engine through different approaches, including behavioral detection, HTTP/browser fingerprinting, (residential) proxies/infected IP detection, and CAPTCHA farm detection. Antoine holds a PhD in computer science with a focus on browser fingerprinting.

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