Vectra AI President and CEO Hitesh Sheth said his company aims to expand into Platform-as-a-Service after establishing itself in Office 365 and Infrastructure-as-a-Service and intends to use its recently boosted funds to invest in new technologies in that space, according to CRN.

The company recently ended a $130 million funding round led by Blackstone Growth, which now brings its total funding to over $350 million. The latest round set Vectra’s valuation at $1.2 billion.

Vectra’s offerings include the ability to analyze network packets for signs of compromise, which was later expanded to the ability to assess any data type, such as microservices in the cloud. Sheth said the company will take on additional data scientists, platform engineers and security researchers to seek further advancements, as well pour at least 30% of its revenue into research and development to stay ahead of its competitors. The $130 million Vectra recently raised is expected to be invested in training and services catalogs for the company’s partners.