Veritas Technologies announced that it has entered the multicloud space with an upgrade to its Autonomous Data Management platform, adding artificial intelligence and hyperautomation through its NetBackup service, VentureBeat reports. "The way to think about two years from now is that it's all going to be completely automated from a NetBackup perspective," said Veritas' Senior Product Marketing Manager Anthony Cusimano. "We'll utilize AI to essentially figure out, manage and manipulate our own environments." The company also announced its new Veritas Cloud Scale Technology, a new generation of architecture now available through the latest version of its NetBackup software and upgraded to run at web-scale. Cusimano said the Veritas Cloud Scale Technology brings users an AI-powered, programmable and containerized architecture that enables unified and autonomous data management capabilities at any cloud. Coming with the launch of NetBackup 10, the new technology will enable users to reduce their total cost of ownership while enhancing security in multi-cloud environments and increasing efficiency, Cusimano said.