After the deadly shooting at Orlando's Pulse nightclub by a gunman purporting ties to radical Islam killed 49 and wounded 53 others, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton told a crowd in Cleveland that she would push tech companies to cooperate with government requests for help in tracking and identifying terrorists and foiling their plots.

"We already know we need more resources for this fight. The professionals who keep us safe would be the first to say we need better intelligence to discover and disrupt terrorist plots before they can be carried out," Clinton said, proposing “an ‘intelligence surge' to bolster our capabilities across the board, with appropriate safeguards here at home."

Clinton didn't mention her previously articulated position calling for a concerted effort to crack encryption,instead focusing on gathering intelligence and soliciting social media organizations' help in flagging, reporting and shutting down efforts online to radicalize and recruit and communicate. The Democratic candidate said that if elected president “I will work with our great tech companies from Silicon Valley to Boston to step up our game.”