Intel is facing a class-action suit in Florida that accuses the company of violating the 2020 Florida Security of Communications Act, which states that it is illegal to intentionally intercept an individual's electronic communications without the person's consent, Threatpost reports. Lake County resident Holly Londers filed the lawsuit last month, alleging that Intel used a session replay software to track and record her activity when she visited the company's website last year. According to the filing, Londers' key strokes, mouse movements and other aspects of her interaction with the site were intercepted without her consent or knowledge. "Defendant's surreptitious interception [of] Plaintiff's electronic communications caused Plaintiff harm, including invasion of her privacy and/or the exposure of private information," the filing stated. The suit added that the tech giant also engaged in a similar activity with other residents in the state, and the class in the suit is for every Florida resident who visited the company's site and whose electronic activity was intercepted.