Here's a two-for-one deal that no retail customer wants: Researchers at Sucuri has uncovered a sampling of novel e-commerce attacks that combine the classic duplicity of phishing schemes with the insidiousness of malicious webpage redirects.

According to a Sucuri blog post, hackers are compromising legitimate retail sites through their e-commerce solutions, including WooCommerce and PrestaShop, by adding a short, malicious JavaScript snippet to the code that runs checkout pages. The report did not list specific websites that were targeted.

The compromise redirects purchasing customers to fake, phishing pages on third-party sites, at least some of which feature the domain name Shoppers think they are filling out a checkout form but are actually giving away their personal information, credit card data and Paypal credentials to cybercriminals. The checkout forms don't necessarily mimic the real site perfectly, but new or inattentive customers may not notice.