Border gateway protocol, BGP, is being called out for lacking internet security.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that multiple cybersecurity firms have pegged BGP as a growing concern.

“U.S. government officials worry that hackers with access to the right network equipment could do more serious damage by altering this map of routes,” the paper stated, citing cybersecurity experts' belief that malicious attackers are starting to pick up on the lucrative options BGP manipulation presents.

If carriers rerouted their clients' data, attackers could steal proprietary information or eavesdrop on communications.

One company, Dyn Inc., documented up to 20 BGP-related events daily, and clients were beginning to catch on to the trend.

Ultimately, no solution can verify connections, although engineers have been experimenting and testing options. While one possibility is close to being finished, it may take years to come to market.