By Marcos Colon

The evolving threat landscape makes it incredibly difficult for security professionals to protect their organizations. You’d think that with the abundance of security solutions deployed they’d be able to manage cyber risk effectively, yet, the technology that’s intended to protect their organizations may be causing more problems.

Each year security practitioners flock to events like the RSA Conference, Black Hat, and our own Infosec World, which feature vendor show floors with security companies showcasing the latest products and services.

With organizations sending representatives from their security and risk departments to these events in search of the latest bells and whistles to add to their arsenal, Dennis Moreau, Senior Engineering Architect at VMWare, believes that adding more security solutions could also be creating some challenges for security departments.

In this video, he discusses the complexity tied to the thousands of applications and policies in an organization that makes it difficult for data to be protected.

“The biggest indication of this is that we’re spending more than ever on security technology, yet we see more breaches than ever, and more losses due to breaches,” he says.