The War on Ransomware: Lives and livelihoods on the line

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The 2022 ransomware attacks against Costa Rica and Montenegro showed how entire countries can now be thrown into disarray as life-sustaining services become disabled. And the Colonial Pipeline incident demonstrated how critical infrastructure is not even out of bounds for attackers. The stakes just getting higher and the potential for major collateral damage – both financial and physical – only grows in severity.

This eSummit will reveal the steps organizations must take to prevent worst-case scenarios – ideally cutting short attempted ransomware attacks, and minimizing their impact when they do happen. Topics will include:

• The latest ransomware tactics and techniques you need to know  

• Lessons gleaned from the most significant ransomware incidents and research findings from the past year  

• Business exec accountability before and during an attack, and why ransomware is more than just a security problem 

• How to manage your security team during a ransomware crisis to reduce stress and strain 

• The role immutable back-ups play in your disaster recovery and business continuity strategy 


Day 1:
KEYNOTE | Merike Kaeo: Executive Security Advisor / vCISO, Double Shot Security
Executive accountability when ransomware strikes: Don't scapegoat your CISOs

Ransomware is more than just a security problem; it's a business problem. So why does it seem like all the accountability falls on CISOs and their teams? Let's get this straight: CEOs and other top-level executives also have a responsibility to ensure that their companies are in the best possible position to fend off, detect and react to ransomware attacks. This session will detail in what ways business-minded executives are accountable, and instruct security leaders on how to communicate these responsibilities to the business side of the organization.

Managing through a crisis: Policies to avoid cyber worker stress & burnout
Bill Dean: Shareholder, Information Security, LBMC
Brandon Dunlap, Managing Director, Research, Brightfly
Jason Lewkowicz, EVP, Chief Services Officer

The life of a cybersecurity professional can be stressful and often thankless. And when an attack transpires, you can work long hours knowing the fate of your employer is on the line. But at the end of the day, infosec workers are people, not machines, and when they reach their breaking point, it’s not good for their mental health or their productivity. This panel session will examine key policies and strategies that you can institute to relieve your employees of some of this burden – both before and during a cyber crisis – in order to minimize the job’s emotional toll.

KEYNOTE | Ian Usher: Deputy Global Head of Threat Intelligence, NCC Group
What's new with your adversaries? A ransomware intel update

It's important to stay up to date on all the latest ransomware group TTPs and IOCs. Whether it's using intermittent encryption for faster attacks, or compelling victims to share their insurance coverage information, attackers are always experimenting with new ways to make their illegal pursuits more successful. This session will look at some of their latest ploys and plots.


KEYNOTE | Don Pecha: CISO/vCISO, First National Technology Services (FNTS)
Immutable backups: Your lifeline amid the chaos

Data back-ups are a key component of any ransomware resilience and recovery strategy. But what happens when your backups themselves are maliciously encrypted or deleted? Enter immutable backups, which allow your organization to store your data assets in such a manner that they can never be altered from their original state. This session will examine ways to make the most of your immutable backups, including: how to re-architect your backup infrastructure, how to prioritize the data you wish to protect most, and how to leverage your backups to appease regulators and insurance providers.

Research roundup: Recapping the latest ransomware trends and sentiments
Sam Cousins, Senior Associate - Sanctions, Ransomware & Risk, ACAMS
Allie Mellen, Senior Analyst, Forrester
Christopher Steffen, Managing Research Director, Information Security, Enterprise Management Associates


Reporter roundtable: The scoop on ransomware
Tom Spring, Editorial Director, SC Media
Jessica Davis, Senior Editor, Healthcare, SC Media
Derek Johnson, Senior Editor, SC Media
Menghan Xiao, Reporter, SC Media

Type "ransomware" into the SC Media website search field, and you get thousands of results. Bottom line: Ransomware dominates the cybersecurity headlines. To make sense of the latest developments, SC Media's editorial staffers have curated some of the most significant ransomware news that they've encountered and analyzed while covering their beats over the last six months. And they'll take turns presenting these headlines in this special mini-panel session.