Android has announced the upcoming version of its operating system, Android P, will include several security improvements such as a hardware security module, improved biometric authentication, and protected confirmation.

Devices with Android P will be supporting a StrongBox Keymaster which contains its own CPU, secure storage, and a true random number generator to help protect against package tampering and unauthorized sideloading of apps, according to Android's Program Overview.

Android P will also include improved fingerprint authentication that will deliver a standardized look, feel, and placement for the dialog that requests a fingerprint to help inspire greater confidence among users that they are interacting with a trusted source.

The new version will also include HTTP Secure by default, protected confirmation, a backup data encryption update, protected confirmation, a peripherals background policy, and Signature Scheme v3.

Android P is expected to release in the third quarter of 2018. 

Android has often been the focus of security issues.