More than 800 Wall Street workers using an anonymous Bloomberg business terminal chat room were doxxed earlier this month when an email containing their names and employers was sent to the chat room participants.

The 886 victims were exposed when a fellow chat room user employed at the firm Janus Henderson sent a list of the real names and employers of all those who had congregated in the metal and mining chat room the previous day, along with a partial transcript of the August 1 conversations that indicated who said what, the New York Post reported. While those chatting use handles to hide their identity, companies are able to gain access to the chatter's real names by requesting the information from Bloomberg.

Bloomberg terminals are used by many financial firms to access news and events that impact their areas of interest and come with a chat feature that lets stock brokers and others discuss matters in an open fashion without fear of their identity being revealed, the Post reported.

The unmasking feature is included so a firm's compliance officers can keep an eye on their workers if needed.