APT, Ransomware

We interviewed cyber experts on a Vegas ferris wheel. Then ride security showed up…

October 31, 2019
Bradley felt like a big shot when a passerby saw the SC logo
on the microphone and asked if he was with SportsCenter.
Of course, reporting for SC Media is pretty darn cool too.
Sherrod DeGrippo (right), senior director of threat research and detection, Proofpoint.
Tyler Moffitt (left), senior threat research analyst, and Jason Davison (center), advanced threat research analyst, Webroot.
Dr. Richard Gold (left), director of security engineering, Digital Shadows.
Ben Seri (left), VP of research, Armis.
Rick Mellendick (left), chief security officer, PI Achievers, and Rick Farina (right), senior product manager, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Company.
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