Built on top of an extensible data platform (Splunk Cloud or Splunk Enterprise), Splunk Enterprise Security is a data-centric, modern SIEM that can ingest and normalize any data from any source at enterprise scale.

Built on top of an extensible data platform, Splunk Enterprise Security operates as a data-centric, modern SIEM that can ingest and normalize any data from any source across an enterprise.

Enterprise Security delivers full-breadth visibility and the ability to apply and customize advanced analytics and intelligence capabilities to deliver faster detections and more accurate investigations so security teams can make business-critical decisions based on the data.  

Organizations rely on a security information and event management (SIEM) system to gain visibility into their environment and simplify the overall investigation and management of security incidents. To meet the needs of the business, a modern SIEM must have a data-centric approach. This lets enterprises collect, correlate, and analyze all data across the organization to support critical use cases such as security monitoring, threat detection, incident investigation and forensics, incident response, compliance and hunting. 

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Splunk Enterprise Security breaks down data silos and helps organizations gain actionable intelligence into their environment through an open data platform. Organizations can gain insights into their environment, mitigate and report on risk, as well as secure migrations to cloud or multi-cloud environments. Customers like the city of Los Angeles view Splunk as “foundational to safety” because it delivers the visibility into what’s happening in their network. For practitioners like those at VMware, Enterprise Security has helped their team focus on high-fidelity, high-context alerts and close investigations in minutes instead of days or weeks. The flexibility of Splunk’s data platform allows integration with a wide range of technologies via the Splunkbase ecosystem, giving organizations peace of mind that their investments will work with our solution.