Breach, IOT

Cyber experts say advice from breached IoT device company Ubiquiti falls short

January 13, 2021
A Ubiquiti NanoStation Wireless Bridge seen in operation. Ubiquiti experienced a breach that may have exposed customer data. (KN6KS/CC BY-NC 2.0)
  • Logging into the IoT devices and use them to launch a DDoS attack.
  • Logging into the IoT devices and use them for real-world crimes. For example, access to webcams can be used for cyberspying/cyberstalking, and bad actors can access smartlocks to conduct burglaries.
  • Using the stolen passwords in brute-force attacks on other websites. Password reuse is common, and in fact, in its email, Ubiquiti instructed customers to reset passwords that they’re reusing elsewhere.
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